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Thank you very much for a very quality match case. I’ve looked high and low for a product even close to this, so this is even better than expected! I will carry a small survival kit in it every day while flying over Iraq – thank you for a product that allows me to do that confidently! Take care. 

- Charles


I am really impressed with the attn to detail you put in this, and the prompt service you showed me. The compass hangs with my Cammenga, the seal is perfect, and it just feels classy, yet functional.
 - Jake

The K&M matchcase is an excellent piece of craftmanship.
 - Phillip

I have just received your match case here in England and I am very impressed with the quality of the product.
 - Stuart, Wallingford England.

Yesterday I received the three brass match cases and could not be more pleased. I have carried various match cases starting in the boy scouts and continuing through my years in the Army, hunting, fishing and camping and none compare with your product. The quality of your case far superior to any case I have used or those on the market today.
 - Bill

In my life I have owned a few things (VERY few things) that I consider to be the best ever made of their type. These match cases are in that category.
 - Ralph

I will be showing quite a few of my friends,the nicest matchcase I have ever owned. Looking forward to future purchases. PS That was some fast shipping.
 - Robert

I received my order yesterday and can’t be more pleased with #1) the quick turnaround time and #2) the quality of the cases.  It’s nice to see people taking pride in their work and turning out a quality made American product.
 - Steve

I got my match case it's a work of art! I have friends that will want these (they look up to me for survival gear) You build them to cheap!I would have pd/ twice that much without blinking, and yes i live pay day to pay. I'm gonna tell every one that will listen how great your products/pricing and service are!!!
 - Brent

We are both fans of any high quality product made in the USA and your product most certainly sets the bar for excellence! My two year old son is right next to me as I am typing this and I have no doubt that I will be passing this on to him and his children. 
 - Jim

Thanks for providing such a robustly engineered product. Your attention to detail and function is much appreciated.
 - Carl

Got my matchcase today. Everything I've read about them is true. A truly fantastic piece of gear. Thank you for a high quality product at a reasonable price.
 - Paul


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